• Burst SMS Account

• Dedicated Virtual Number


A mobile phone number is required to send a text message to a handset. There is a default field called Phone in ActiveCampaign however this could commonly be replaced with Landlines or other contact info. Our integration allows you to define the mobile field from any custom field which you may have already done.

Another great thing about the Burst SMS integration is that it doesn't require clean data to send to international destinations. You may have localised format numbers for numerous countries, so we also have the ability to auto-format numbers in your list. You will just need to provide the country name and combined with the number in any format we can reformat and make sure it gets to the right destination.

Adding SMS to your ActiveCampaign automation

To setup an automation you will need a trigger, in this example we will use a tag.

Next you will be asked to create your first action. From the CX Apps menu choose Send SMS with Burst

You will now need to authorise your Burst SMS account using the API Key & Secret from the settings section of your account. If you do not have an account you can setup a free trial.

Once connected you can now setup your first text message. First you will need to select your dedicated virtual number. These will be pulled through from your Burst SMS account. If nothing is available here you will need to purchase a number from the NUMBERS section of your account or request a free trial via Burst Helpdesk. This will just take a few minutes.

Then you can set your message, you can use the personalisation functions to add name or ather data to your message.

There is also a special tag you can use called [tracked-link] inserting this will pull the URL defined in the below field into your message for tracking. This can also be a variable so that a unique link can be provided for every contact receiving a message.

The To field is where we define the recipient number. We allow you to use any field here to define. In most integrations you will be forced to use the Phone field and if that is the case you may have to remap your data. We also have a feature that automatically formats the number using a country name. You can create a country field and map this.

These features are optional. You can simply map the Phone field if you have already pre-cleaned your data.

Once done, click Finish and your message is ready. You can separate messages with ActiveCampaign conditions and once ready click the Activate button.

You will now see messages flowing through your Burst SMS account activity and you will note that messages for different countries are correctly formatted and delivered.

As a side note, messages delivered to different countries will have the sender ID replaced with a sender ID number appropriate to that country.