Gold virtual numbers are a great for running inbound response & keyword campaigns on posters, radio, television etc where it helps make it quick & easy for the person to type in the entry number and compose the text message.

Gold virtual numbers are rare and sought after, so they are expensive to acquire therefore we have to charge more than our standard virtual numbers.

Examples of gold numbers that we have leased are 0457 333 444 and 0488 839 863 (0488 TEXTME).

We have a number of options:

1. Lease a Keyword on a shared Gold number 0457 333 444 or 0459 333 222. 

The price is $99 per keyword per month.

2. Book a dedicated Gold number for an exclusive short term period: 1 month+

The price is $249 per month.

3. Book a dedicated Gold number for an exclusive long term period: Minimum 12 month lease.

The price is $149 per month.

Contact us for availability and to make a booking regarding gold numbers.