Many countries have created "Do Not Call" registers. This is where individuals can register their phone numbers, so that telemarketing companies are legally obliged not to call them.

Not every country has a DNC and if they do, they may only apply to voice calls, not SMS. Be careful when checking FAQ's, as some regions may refer to SMS as message, electronic message, text message, txt, or other terminology. If in doubt, most DNC webpages or the telecommunication governing body will have contact details to clarify what your responsibilities are.

If you are sending marketing SMS, it is critical to check if your recipients countries have a DNC and if it also applies to SMS.

How to wash your contacts

In this context, the term "washing" means to remove any contacts that are on a DNC.

Because contacts are continuously added or removed from the DNC, washing your contacts is not a one time process. The DNC will have advice on how regularly to wash your contacts.

The steps for washing contacts are:

1. Obtain the most recent DNC list

2. Check the format of the mobile numbers in the DNC list. They will either be in local or international format.

3. Upload the DNC list to the Global Opt Out List in Burst SMS.

When a contact exists in Burst SMS' Global Opt Out list, our system will prevent messages being sent to that contact, regardless of what sending method you use.