Burst SMS is a feature rich platform. Over the years we have build lots of little features that can remain hidden from view. Here are 10 features that are super useful that you may not know about.

If you want to know more about any of these cool features you can ask the Product team in the #ask-product Slack channel.

1. Select text and click Quick SMS quotes text in message.

If you select text on a page and use Quick SMS from your favourites menu, the text will be quoted into the message window.

2. Contact update form

On list and keyword automation there is an option to add a [contact-update-form] url. This will add a URL to the message that will link to a form where custom data can be completed. Any existing data will be pre-filled. This is great for companies wanting to complete data sets or collecting extra data from a text in campaign.

3. Template sorting

When a client gets lots of templates it becomes useful to be able to sort them. Sometimes their naming conventions become a bit out of control so they can elect to sort by most recent which becomes very helpful.

4. Installing the Quick SMS Bookmarklet

You can click and drag the QUICK SMS button to your browser favourites bar to access without being logged into your account. This is a quite frequently overlooked feature. It doesn’t work on all sites but still very useful.

5. Response sorting in campaign report

Responses can be sorted by all, unique or even non-respondents. These lists can be exported and re-purposed for follow up campaigns. 

6. Removing footer on forwarded emails

Email footers can be removed from incoming messages forwarded to email by switching off Conversation History in the Email SMS settings to No.

7. Quick SMS search works across all lists.

To build a quick ad-hoc list, Quick SMS search can be used. Search for a contact and click it to add to the to list. You can add many contacts this way and create an ad-hoc list.

8. Triggering a list send using email

Send campaigns by sending to an email address. You can define an email address associated with a list. Email sent to this list will be forwarded to all contacts on it.

9. Group Messaging Plugin

With our group messaging plugin, everyone on the list that texts the number will receive the message. Also they will be identified by their [firstname] and [lastname] variables. If they aren't populated the last 5 digits of their number will identify them in the message.

10. Emoji Keywords

Emoji keywords function the same as regular keywords. Instead of typing in a word like “Pizza” you can now tell customers to text-in the pizza emoji instead.