Step 1 - Register For a Burst SMS Account

To register, go to:

Step 2 - Add Credit to Activate Your Burst SMS Account

Click on the ADD CREDIT link located on the top right hand side of your account.

Enter your credit card details and click on the ADD CREDIT button.

Step 3 - Add a Dedicated Virtual Number (optional)

To setup a dedicated virtual mobile number, click on the NUMBERS link in the top menu and then click on the ADD NUMBER.

Choose a number from the drop down list of available numbers. The cost of the virtual mobile number per month will be displayed.

Enable the CREDIT CARD AUTO-RECHARGE option by selecting a top up amount and click on ACTIVATE.

Step 4 - Set Your API Secret

Click on SETTINGS from top menu of your Burst SMS account.

Enter your API SECRET and click on UPDATE PROFILE button.

Step 5 - Authorise Your Email Address


Enter your email address that is linked with your Detrack account.

For Sender ID select your dedicated virtual number.

Click on ACTIVATE button.

Step 6 - Add settings in Detrack

In Detrack > Notifications > Text / SMS Settings, please add the following settings and save:
 - Text / SMS Provider = BurstSMS
 - Sender No. or Brand = The virtual number in step 3, or your business name (see below)
 - BurstSMS API Key = The API key in step 4
 - BurstSMS API Secret = The API secret in step 4

If you would prefer to use your business name, instead of a number to send the SMS, please add that instead of the virtual number.

The name must be 11 or less characters and only contain letters or numbers (no spaces, symbols, emoji's or punctuation).


Detrack setup guide -