Error handling in Eloqua is managed by adding a dedicated step, or series of steps, to move the contacts down an alternative flow.

Reasons for SMS errors

The most common ways for an SMS step in Eloqua to fail are:

1. Missing or malformed mobile number

2. Delivery issues, such as the number being out of service

Overview of Error Handling

In the screenshot above, you will see two 'Send SMS' steps and one 'Move to Shared List' step.

In both 'Send SMS' steps, if the campaign encounters an error with a contact, that contact will jump to the 'Moved to Shared List' step and be added to the 'Rejected messages list'.

If an error occurs, the contacts will not be removed from the Segment.

Viewing Errors

To view errors:

1. Go to the Campaign Exit report. Here you can see users that have exited the campaign, when they have moved through the 'Move to Shared List' step

2. Go to Contacts (Menu) > Tools > Shared Lists. Opening the list used in the 'Moved to Shared List' step, will show all contacts that encountered an error in the campaign


  • This will not show the reason for the error. The first step is to check that the field used for the mobile number has a properly formed mobile number in international format. If you are unable to determine the cause for the error, please export the shared list and send in a support ticket to
  • The alternate flow, used for errors, can be expanded. A different event and list can be used for each SMS event, or it can built out to an independent flow
  • The above example should be considered the minimal effort required