DestinationCountry Code2-Way CapabilitiesConcatenated MessagesDynamic Sender IDSpecial Conditions
Afghanistan93Upon request
Algeria213Upon requestUpon request
American Samoa1Upon request
Angola244Upon requestYes
Argentina54To ensure delivery we recommend a dedicated short code.
Australia61You can begin messaging using alphanumeric originators immediately (you do not need to pre-register the originator).
Austria43Upon request
Bahrain973Marketing or similar messages should only be sent between 9 am and 9 pm.

Transactional messages (e.g. such as a delivery notification) are not restricted by time.
Bangladesh880Upon requestMessage originators are often filtered and replaced with local numbers.
Benin229Upon request
Botswana267Upon requestAlphanumeric originators are supported on all operators bar Orange, which only accepts messages from local numbers.
Delivery receipts are network (not handset).
Brazil55Recommended using a short code to ensure delivery.

Long codes from non approved sources are illegal in Brazil and are subject to filtering/blocking.
Bulgaria359MobiTel overwrites alphanumeric originators with a local short code.
Burkina Faso
226Upon request
Burundi257Upon request
Canada1Upon request
Cambodia855Upon request
Cape Verde238Upon request
China86For multipart messaging, the number of characters is reduced to 62 for each message part.
Costa Rica506We recommend using numeric originators only, or using a short code.
Cuba53Upon requestAlpha pre registration required and recommended.
Czech Republic420Upon request
Dominican Republic1
El Salvador503
Fiji679Upon request
France33If using long codes for 2-way, there may be daily volume limits. Advisable to use a short code for high volume campaigns.
French Polynesia689Upon request
Germany49Upon request
Hong Kong852
India91In India E2P messages are classed as either transactional or promotional. Transactional messages must use an originator that is a pre-registered, 6-letter word, forming part of an 9 letter sender ID. Promotional messages must use a 6-digits followed by a number indicating the category. *It is not possible to set a short code as the originator, you need to send your short code as part of the message body.
Italy39The regulator AGCOM has recently stated that all A2P traffic must register message originators. This has not yet been actively enforced. However, in some cases unregistered originators are replaced by the operator with a +39 number or may even be blocked.
Kazakhstan7The mobile operators will filter out messages sent with an unregistered alphanumeric originator. Either send the message using an internationally-formatted number, or pre-register alpha originator. 24th October 2018,
JSC ALTEL, mccmnc 40107 and Mobile Telecom Service LLP (Tele2), mccmnc 40177, Kazakhstan Promotional traffic, which is legal and does not breach any applicable laws and regulations (such as those governing SPAM), is allowed only if (i) the subscriber-recipient provides his/her prior written consent to the receipt of such traffic and (ii) it is legal and does not breach any applicable laws and regulations (such as SPAM).

During the period between 10 pm and 9 am (GMT+6), SMS can only be sent upon end-user request. Upon an Operator's claim that a subscriber (end-user in Kazakhstan) complained about the receipt of unsolicited messages, you must provide written confirmation signed by the subscriber that he/she had previously agreed to receive such message from a particular service; otherwise this traffic will be considered to constitute SPAM and either the Operator or ourselves may be fined.
Macedonia389The mobile operators filter out messages sent using 1-way originators.
* reply only possible via [unsub-reply-link] feature
Mongolia976Upon requestSome but not all mobile operators support alphanumeric originators.

Recommend using an international or local number to avoid filtering by the operators who do not support alphanumeric operators.
Montenegro382Upon requestAlpha sender ID pre registration is possible, which would guarantee alpha originator support.
Myanmar95Upon request
New Caledonia687
New Zealand64

North Korea850Upon request

Nigeria234Delivery to CDMA networks (e.g. Visaphone) is prone to issues; they also only provide delivery receipts from the operator, not the handset.
Papua New Guinea675Upon request
Paraguay595All message originators are overwritten to local numbers.
Peru51Alphanumeric message originators generally work ok, but on occasions the operators filter and replace with local numeric numbers.
Philippines63Alphanumeric Sender IDs need to be pre-registered with carriers.
Puerto Rico12-Way via Long codes Only

All message originators are overwritten to either local or +1 long codes (VMNs).
Qatar974Delivery receipts from the operator (but not the handset) are supported.
Romania40We recommend pre-registering alphanumeric originator, as Orange replaces all unknown.
Russia7Upon request
Saudi Arabia966Message originators must be pre-registered.
Marketing or similar messages must only be sent between 8 am and 9 pm.
Transactional messages (e.g. such as a delivery notification) are not restricted by time.

Alpha OA supported but must be registered.
Slovakia421Some but not all mobile operators support alpha originators. Orange filters and replaces 1-way numeric originators.
South Africa27
South Korea82Upon request
Spain34The local MVNOs do not support short codes.
Sri Lanka94Upon requestThe operator Dialog filters and overwrites all message originators to a random numeric number.

All other operators support alphanumeric originators.

Alpha registration is also possible and recommended.
Taiwan886Upon requestUpon request
Tanzania255Recommend using a short code.
Thailand66Upon requestUpon request
Tonga676Upon request
Turkey90We recommend pre-registering alphanumeric originator, as the mobile operators will filter and overwrite the originator otherwise.

Unicode is also supported so you can send messages using Turkish accents (ğ Ğ ı İ ö Ö ü Ü ş Ş ç Ç) which fall outside the GSM character set.
Ukraine380Recommend pre-registering an alpha originator.
No multipart message on PeopleNet.
United Arab Emirates971Recommend pre-registering an alpha originator, or using a short code.
United Kingdom44
United States of America1

Sending via TFN only.
Free link shorteners are actively filtered.

Uruguay5981-way message originators are overwritten by the operators with a local short code or long code.
Venezuela58All 1-way message originators are overwritten with a local number or a generic alphanumeric originator.

Recommend using a short code.


Sender ID: By definition, the Sender ID (also known as the 'Caller ID' or 'From Number') is the mobile number or name that an SMS message comes from.

Custom Sender ID: An alphanumeric sender ID such as a business name.

Dedicated Number: Dedicated virtual mobile numbers are for your exclusive use and are not shared with any other customers.

DLR's: Delivery reports that are provided by the carrier when the messages are delivered to the mobile handset.