Allow your customers to be able to subscribe to receive both SMS and Email marketing by texting their name and email address into a number.

In this example we have used MailChimp. Zapier splits the response text received into a Burst SMS virtual number into the first name, last name and email fields into a new subscriber entry in MailChimp

Step 1 - Create a new Zap

Click on MAKE A ZAP from your Zapier dashboard

Step 2 - Choose Trigger App

Select Burst SMS

Step 3 - Choose Burst SMS Trigger

Select SMS Received to Virtual Mobile Number

Step 4 - Authorise and connect Zapier to your Burst SMS account

Step 5 - Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Burst SMS number with Zapier

Step 6 - Send a test SMS to your Burst SMS Number

Example: Text Joanne Collins to 0423 244 785

Step 7 - Choose Action App

Select Formatter by Zapier

Step 8 - Extract First Name

Select Formatter by Zapier App

Select Text

Transform field: Select Split Text

Input: Select your message into the Burst SMS Virtual Mobile Number

Segment Index: First (This will output the first name Joanne)

Click on CONTINUE button

Step 9 - Extract Last name value

Add another Action App

Select Formatter by Zapier app and repeat Step 8

Segment Index: Second (This will output the last name Collins)

Click on CONTINUE button

Step 10 - Add MailChimp App

Add another Action App

Select MailChimp

Step 11 - Select MailChimp Action

Select Add/Update Subscriber

Step 12 - Authorise and connect Zapier with your MailChimp account

Step 13 - Select your MailChimp list

Select the List you would like to add the new subscriber to

Email: Select the email from Step 3.

First Name: Select 1. Text Querystring Response: Joanne

Last Name: Select 2. Text Querystring Response: Collins

Mobile: Select FROM NUMBER



Step 14 - Name and turn ON your Zap