Using Zapier, you can have clients text in a Keyword with their email address and automatically add them to your MailChimp List.

NB: You will need a Dedicated Virtual Number from Burst SMS for this Zap.

1. Login in to your Zapier Account or sign up for one HERE.

2. Select "Make a Zap" on the top right.

3. Select the Trigger as Burst SMS - SMS Received to Virtual Mobile Number. Click Continue.

4. Connect your Burst SMS Account. Click Continue

5. Copy the URL from here and access your Burst SMS Account. (It will look something like:

6. Go to NUMBERS along the top and select "Inbound Options" to the right of your Dedicated Virtual Number.

7. Paste the URL in the "Forward to URL" section and click Update.

8. Prepare a message on your mobile to the Dedicated Virtual Number with the format of: KEYWORD (do NOT send the message yet).

9. In Zapier, click Continue and test this step. Send the message on your phone to the Dedicated Virtual Number NOW. (The test should pick up the message you sent to the number). Complete that step.

10. Select the next Action to be Filter by Zapier - Only continue if... (click Save + Continue)

11. For the first drop down, select the Message from Step 1.

12. Second drop down select "(Text) Contains".

13. Last drop down type in the Keyword that is to be expected, in this example we used "ENTER". (It is not case sensitive). Click Test & Continue. (It should state along the top "Your zap would have continued"). Click Continue.

14. For the last Action select MailChimp - Add/Update Subscriber. Click Continue.

15. Connect your MailChimp Account and click Continue.

16. Select the List to add the contacts to.

17. Select the Email Address from Step 1. (Add other options as needed for your individual set up). Click Continue.

18. Select "Send Test to MailChimp".

19. If successful, your new Zap is ready to activate!