With Zapier, you can send SMS reminders to yourself for upcoming events in your Google Calendar.

Step 1 - Sign up for a Burst SMS account

You can use the link below to register for an Account:

Step 2 - Sign up for a Zapier account and use our Zapier integration link

You will also need a Zapier account:

Step 3 - Authorise both Google Calendar and Burst SMS with Zapier

From Burst SMS you will need your API key and secret which can be found in the SETTINGS section of your account.

Step 4 - Create your Zap settings

Follow the setup instructions to specify which fields in your calendar will be set to your message content and mobile number and offset on your scheduled send date/time so that you can specify to receive the reminder X number of days before the calendar event begins date.

In the below example we use Summary as the message content and put the mobile number into the description field.

Step 5 - Test and Activate

To test the integration, simply create a calendar event, then Zapier can use it as a test sample.