We would like to inform you that our range of Singapore Virtual Mobile Numbers will be made redundant on the carrier networks by 30th June 2018. This is an unfortunate occurrence, but is completely outside of our control.

Burst SMS will be swapping over our customers Dedicated Virtual Numbers with numbers from a new range allocated to us. If you are comfortable with this, you need to do nothing and we will notify you what your new number is and when we will updated to your account. Once it is live, your workflows will remain intact, and they will simply be using a new Dedicated Virtual Number. You simply need to make sure if you are advertising or displaying this number anywhere off the Burst SMS Platform, that you will need to update it there as well.

NOTE FOR API USERS: If you are defining the 'from' parameter in your send-sms API call with your current Dedicated Virtual Number, you will need to update your code and set the 'from' parameter to use your new Dedicated Virtual Number.

There will be no change to commercials functionality or billing cycle.

Please feel free to reply with any queries or questions to helpdesk@burstsms.com