Send and receive SMS text messages in Eloqua campaigns. Process replies via the decision node. Automatically format numbers for delivery.

Step 1 - Add the Callback URLs to your Burst SMS Account

1. In your Burst SMS Account, go to SETTINGS.

2. Under API Settings, add the following:

a) DLR Callback URL -

b) Reply Callback URL -

3. Enter your API Secret.

4. Click Update Profile to save your changes.

Step 2 - Install and Configure the Burst SMS Connector to Eloqua

1. Install the Burst SMS Connector: INSTALL

2. Click "Accept and Install".

3. In Eloqua, go to Settings (via top left Menu).

4. Select APPS under "Platform Extensions".

5. Select Burst SMS.

6. Select Configure (top right cog icon).

7. Fill in your Burst SMS API Key and Secret (from Step One).

8. Select your desired default country for Number Formatting.

9. Click Connect.

Step 3 - Create your campaign with SMS capabilities

1. Go to Campaigns.

2. Select Create a "Multi-Step Campaign".

3. Select Blank Campaign.

4. Click on the arrow next to Campaign Steps to view all available.

5. Select the star to make them viewable by default.

6. Drag the Send SMS step to your canvas.

7. Double click on the Send SMS step, then click the pencil icon.

8. Fill in the "Create your Text Message" form.

Merge Custom- You can create a custom field using 2 custom filters and merge the custom field into your message content

Merge Contact- You can merge contact fields into your message content

Pending Message Expiry - You can send an instruction to the carriers to stop retrying to send your message after selected number of hours

Test SMS feature - You can enter your phone number and and click on TEST SMS button to send a message to your handset to preview the message. Please note the custom and contact field name will appear instead of the actual field data.

9. To trigger a decision based on an SMS Response (or lack of), drag the Received SMS? step to your canvas.

10. Double click on this and then click the pencil icon.

11. Fill in the form for "Check for Received SMS".

12. Continue with the rest of your campaign!

Receive an incoming message and trigger an auto response message

1. Drag the Inbound SMS step to your canvas

2. Double click on the Incoming SMS step, then click the pencil icon.

3. Fill in the form for "Incoming SMS". For example you can select Keyword from the drop down list for the field "What type of text are we looking for?" and enter the text COUPON and click on the UPDATE button

4. Drag and drop a Send SMS step onto your canvas, double click on this step and give the step a name such as "Send Auto Response Message" and then click on the pencil icon and complete the form with the auto response message you would like to send.

Creating Custom Objects

For information on creating Custom Objects to use within your campaigns, please click Here.