The Sender ID, which is also known as a Caller ID or From Number, is a mobile number or name. 

For example, when you send a message from your mobile phone, the Sender ID is your number. If the recipient saved your number to their address book, the Sender ID appears as your name.

Your Sender ID options

As a Burst SMS customer, you have several options: shared virtual number, dedicated virtual number, Custom Sender ID, or your own mobile number. Due to local laws, some options may not be available in your region.

1. Shared Virtual Numbers

We have a pool of shared virtual numbers that you can use to send messages and receive replies. But for every SMS campaign you send our platform randomly selects one from the pool of rotating numbers.


  • You get access to shared virtual number pools for free
  • You can receive replies
  • You get delivery reports which includes opt-outs, bounces, link hits, and more


  • You share the pool with thousands of other businesses, and there's a small possibility that your recipients will receive a message from the same number but from a different business
  • You won't get the same number for each SMS campaign, which may affect the quality of your customer experience
  • You won't get access to advanced features, such as reply forwarding to an email, post to URL, SMS keywords, and auto-responders

2. Dedicated Virtual Numbers

As a Burst SMS customer, you have the option of leasing a dedicated virtual number, which makes the number exclusive to you. If you regularly send campaigns or have a mobile database bigger than 500 contacts, then we highly recommend this option.


  • Get exclusive access to this dedicated virtual number, so there's no risk of your recipients receiving messages on this number from a different business
  • You can receive replies and get delivery reports
  • Access to advanced features such as forwarding to an email, post URL, SMS keywords, auto-responders and much more


  • Monthly fee

How to lease a Dedicated Virtual Number:

Visit your 'Numbers' section in your Burst SMS account, and click on 'Add Number'. If you have enough credit in your account, you can choose the number you wish to lease, and the monthly charge begins. You can start using it immediately.

Keep in mind that we don't charge a setup fee and the lease is month-to-month—meaning that you can cancel the lease at any time without penalty.

If you want some extra memorability, we have a range of Gold Numbers (Australia only) that you might be interested in.

3. Custom Sender ID

A Custom (or Alphanumeric) Sender ID uses a name, not a number. For example, you can send an SMS campaign from your business name. They are composed of a maximum of 11 characters; letters, numbers, underscores, hyphens and spaces.


  • Branded experience for users


  • Recipients can't reply to your message because it's not a number
  • If your message is commercial or marketing in nature, you must provide a valid opt-out, which may take up valuable character space

* Sending within Australia only supports spaces, hyphens (-) and underscores (_)

4. Use your own mobile number

You can use your own mobile number as the Sender ID. This option is only available in Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore.


  • Looks like it comes from you
  • Replies go straight to your mobile phone
  • Ideal for sending to groups you know personally


  • Volume replies can overwhelm your mobile phone's inbox
  • You must manually process opt-outs
  • Responsibility for the sent message ultimately lies with you

If you need any further advice or help, please feel free to reach out via our Live Chat, Burst HelpDesk or Phone.

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