With the Burst SMS reseller software, we make it easy for you to create new revenue streams for your business. In just a few minutes you can fully rebrand our SMS software as your own, and take a strong new initiative to clients. Watch our reseller video intro by clicking the image above.

White label our system and let clients manage themselves

Utilise our automated credit card processing and invoicing system and avoid paperwork headaches. 

Earn margin on messages, numbers and keywords and get paid into your bank account. 

Our super simple interface keeps tech support and account management to a minimum.

Go full service and manage everything

Pay for SMS up front and invoice your clients directly to get paid full amounts directly. 

Assign SMS credits to your clients account so they can still send messages without seeing financials. 

Charge full service fees by adding further value, managing your clients campaigns and offering strategic and creative advice.

Take full control. 
See your financial position. 
Login to client accounts.

The Burst SMS reseller control panel is the command centre of your SMS service. Get a quick snapshot of your overall financial position. Help train your clients and trouble shoot their issues by being able to log directly into their accounts.

A complete financial snapshot on Clients View

See an overview of all of your clients, how many messages they have send and margin earned.

If you aren't getting some other kind of benefit along with reliable text messaging then you are probably paying a massive premium for nothing.

Take control of your clients accounts with Reseller Control

Help train your clients and troubleshoot their issues by being able to see what they see.

Send campaigns and process billing on behalf of your clients without needing their password. Quickly switch between client accounts and back to your reseller overview.

Everything we develop is yours to resell

Burst SMS is a highly agile business. We are constantly developing new technologies and new features that we add to our system.

Resell web campaign interface, API integrations, Email SMS and the SMS reminder system. We also have white labelled documentation that you can give to your clients accessible from the Help link at the bottom of your account pages.