1. Full Screen Visual Coupons

Text in to receive a link to a full screen visual coupon with a tap to redeem mechanic.

With this simple tutorial we will show you how setup and optimise a full screen image and hide the URL bar.

This gives the same full screen experience as MMS but with only the cost of an SMS.

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2. Trigger an Email when Texting in an Address

We have recently developed a plugin to add an email address texted in to a list and trigger an auto responder using Campaign Monitor.

You can simply setup a list in Campaign Monitor and makes sure the keyword matches your list name and when somebody texts in KEYWORD name@email.com, the email address will be added to the list triggering the auto responder.

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3. Mobile App Distribution
There are half a million apps on the iOS and Android app stores, how do you get yours onto peoples phones?

With SMS you can deliver direct links to your App Store download page - no searching.

ad:tech Sydney developed an app that people at the conference could load onto their phone to get information about sessions and speakers, providing an incredible experience to visitors.

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4. Lead Engagement via 2 Way SMS

SMS is great for personalised, immediate communication. Lead generation via marketing is one thing but being able to convert those leads is the job of direct sales communication.

With 2 Way SMS your sales people can engage with a lead immediately with a simple email response.

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