An SMS is 160 characters in length.

You can send longer messages using a process called concatenation. We use special characters to join the SMS together and deliver them as one message.

Each SMS is charged separately.

Example: If you have a message that is 2 SMS in length, if you send it to 500 contacts you will be charged for 1000 messages.

Spaces count for one character and line breaks count for two characters.

Due to the use of characters to join the messages there are inconsistencies in the length of following SMS. See table below for exact count.

Number of SMSCharacters

 When using UTF8 Character

4 (Max)612280

We have created a handy tool that you can use to check your character count: SMS Character Counter

Characters using UTF8 character encoding limit the SMS to 70 characters. So you pay for each 70 instead of each 160 as with standard text. More info on UTF8: Click Here