Setup Options

1. Click on Quick SMS to open a new window that will allow you to select contacts and send immediately.

2. You can also access the Quick SMS function from any web page without logging in. Simply click on the Quick SMS button and drag it into your bookmarks toolbar.  

How to send a Quick SMS

1. To launch, click QUICK SMS from your bookmarks toolbar when you are on a webpage.

2. You can edit your Sender ID to be a name, your own mobile number, a dedicated or shared virtual mobile number or short code (in NZ) that can process responses.

SENDER ID LIMITATION: Names can be a maximum of 11 characters. Only letters, numbers, underscore, hyphen, space allowed and included in total character count. Your recipients will not be able to reply to a name. You can also use a dedicated virtual mobile number to receive replies that can be sent to an email address or your activity inbox. In NZ your Sender ID must be a 4 digit short code.

3. You can click on REPLIES to set replies to be forwarded to your email address.

4. Enter your RECIPIENT number. 

ADD MULTIPLE NUMBERS: To add more than one number, click the + button after each entry. These will be added to the 'To' tab.

5. Enter your MESSAGE.


160 CHARACTERS PER SMS. If your message is 190 characters in length you will be charged for 2 SMS x Recipients. Spaces are counted as 1 character and returns are counted as 2 characters. For more information regarding character limits, please refer to this article: Character Count

6. Click on the OPTIONS button to set an EMAIL REPORT to be sent for all delivery notifications or for failed messages only.

7. Click on the SEND NOW button

A note on authentication

When dragging the Quick SMS button into your bookmarks toolbar, the button will remember and use your credentials, as if you login to your Burst SMS account. If you change your password or delete your login, the changes will not be copied to the Quick SMS button in your toolbar. Please delete and add it again