The Quick SMS app can accessed directly through your account messaging navigation and can also be installed directly into your bookmarks toolbar. 

This launches the app at any time where you can send single or multiple SMS instantly without having to log in to your Burst SMS account. 

Installation is as simple as dragging the Quick SMS button from the navigation to your Bookmarks Toolbar. If you have trouble there are instructions accessible by clicking Advanced Setup on the app window.

Drag and drop installation - 1 click to launch

What caller ID to use?

The caller ID is who the message comes from. This can be either your own mobile number, a system virtual number to process replies or a name which can be up to 11 characters. Only letters, numbers, underscore, hyphen, space allowed and included in total character count. 

This feature is ideal if your recipients/clients recognise your number and you are happy to receive their replies back directly to your phone. No replies will be stored in our system.

If you do not wish to receive responses, you can use a business name instead.

Using a virtual number there are a few options for processing responses. One of the most common and easiest is processing a YES/NO confirmation on an appointment reminder back to your email address. To setup the forward to email, click on REPLIES next to the caller ID and add your email.

When you reply to the email, it sends a text back to the recipient that can be used to request an updated time or to confirm the cancellation.

Uploading contacts to your favourites list

If you have a spreadsheet or database of existing clients you can upload them to the Quick SMS Favourites list.

  1. Go to your account and click on MESSAGING in the top nav and then on CONTACTS.

  2. Click on the Quick SMS Favourites list that has been created automatically for you.

  3. Click on the UPLOAD link and follow the instructions.

To add personalisation make sure you have the names in a separate column of your file.

Setting up a reminder template

You can easily save a reminder as a template, saving you time and effort. You will be able to select the template from the drop down on the bookmarklet screen and edit the data accordingly.

The recipients' first name will be replaced automatically though you will have to enter the time manually. You can send to multiple recipients this way and personalise with their name and other information.

Scheduling the reminders

It is good to setup your reminders on a schedule, this way as you book the appointments you can enter the reminder immediately to trigger at a set time in the future.

This way it becomes part of your booking workflow. If you use a web based booking system this makes it really easy as you just click your bookmarklet enter the reminder and your done. If you are using a manual system you will need to open your web browser and click the link to make the reminder.

Getting Delivery Reports

You can choose to receive delivery reports for your reminders. This will send you an email to tell you whether or not the message was delivered, delayed or failed. This is useful for those people that tell you they never got the message.