The Burst SMS Parent/Child universe is a powerful module allowing a higher level of data and user flexibility. The module is best suited to Software Providers, Resellers, Agencies, Enterprises and other similar businesses looking to offering SMS connectivity to their clients or departments.

Key features of the module are:

  • Parent/Child account structure

  • Web, Email to SMS & API access for all accounts

  • Admin dashboard and reporting tools.

  • Centralised or segregated account billing options.

  • Margin & profit generation tools.

  • Full white-label solution

  • Centralised or segregated API access

There are a few key decisions to make when considering the best set up for your business. They revolve primarily around 2 areas: “User Experience” and “Billing”. With these and the above features in mind, let's look at the various user groups in turn.

Software Providers

At its lightest touch, software providers can simply make a single API connection to Burst SMS to send all client messaging through. This assumes you have or will build into your software, the full user experience, reporting and billing processes. Alternatively, providers can choose progressively less prerequisites or build requirements by leaning on the available Burst SMS tools and infrastructure.

A full use of the Burst SMS platform for a software provider requires the bare minimum in prerequisites and required development. A typical approach would involve using the parent/child and white label solution in full, allowing clients to independently create, manage and use their child accounts to self manage their SMS delivery and reporting. Billing in this instance is usually done on the platform by each client using the Burst SMS automated billing functionality to credit their account and manage their own billing. Margin on SMS and other features can be added by the provider for generating profit on client sends. Margin is credited to the parent account as the service is used.

Alternatively, a hybrid approach is often taken by software providers wanting to retain some key parts of the business process on their side. For example, some software providers may wish to retain the user experience in their software, but have the billing process managed by Burst SMS. Alternatively, some providers may wish to utilise Burst SMS for a seamless user experience, but prefer to retain the Billing on their side direct to client.

All these options can be effectively constructed using a hybrid of the Burst UI, billing system, and relevant API calls and components where required. If you would like to discuss these options in more detail, we recommend reaching out to one of our consultants.

Marketing, Digital & Other Agencies

Agencies usually make use of the Parent/Child account structure for managing their client's SMS campaigns. The child accounts provide for a segregated data and activity store for each client, all with an easy to access client dashboard at the parent level. Some agencies, particularly the full service or value add marketing agencies, prefer to manage all client messaging on their behalf. So while child accounts are set up for each client, the client themselves often don’t have access to the account, allowing the agency to offer this as a ‘value add’ and bill clients accordingly in conjunction with other initiatives and work. Alternatively, some agencies are happy to offer the service on a more client self-serve basis, so they make use of the white label and billing facilities, and allow clients to self manage their SMS campaigns and messaging. 


Enterprise businesses often make use of the Parent/Child account universe to provide for departmental segregation and oversight. Each department can be set up as it's own individual child account, and can have its individual user log-ins for personnel management and security. Departmental users can access and operate their departmental account via all the usual methods of web, Email to SMS and API. The enterprise will often make use of the white label solution for a branding value add to employees and stakeholders.

Depending on the specific requirements, billing can be managed either on a centralised basis and billed in aggregate to the parent account, or equally common is setting each client account up to independently manage its own billing and financial. Under either scenario and at all times, the parent account has visibility on the usage and activity of child accounts. 


Resellers naturally look to utilise the service for a profit motive, and will generally make use of the full gamut of above features. The Parent/Child universe will be set up and white labelled with the Resellers brand. Child accounts can also be configured to be self-registered by their clients for online sign-ups. Billing is also mostly done using the Burst billing system, primarily so that the SMS margin & profit making functions can be used to its fullest effect.