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Included functions 

MessagesSingle - this method will send a single SMS

MessagesMultiple - this method will allow you to send multiple SMS

MessagesDelivery - this method returns your message delivery results

MessagesResponses - this method retrieves responses for a message

ProfileGetBalance - this method is used to get your balance (in currency or credits)

See modTransmitSMS module for the detailed functions description

To use Wrapper functionality from any other VBA program

1. Include modTransmitSMS module to your VBA

2. Add Microsoft XML reference to your VBA project

Wrapper function sample call

Private Sub MessagesSingle_Click()

'sample call of MessagesSingle function

Dim strID As String 'variable to get message ID

MsgBox "Result: " & modTransmitSMS.MessagesSingle(Me.Mobile.Value, Me.Message.Value, Me.CallerID.Value, , , , , , , strID) & vbCrLf & _

    "Message id: " & strID, vbInformation + vbOKOnly

    Me.id.Value = strID 'show message ID on the form

End Sub

See Form_SAMPLE for more sample calls.

Please Note: You will need to change the 2 private constants i.e. 

Private Const API_KEY = "Enter your API KEY HERE"


Once you login to your account you will find your API key and set your API Secret from SETTINGS (top menu of your account)

Please be advised that no support is available for this sample application.