Thanks for taking the time to try our API. Burst SMS has a very stable and robust enterprise level API infrastructure. 

If there is a known issue with our servers it will be announced on:

If a Burst SMS outage is not the cause of your connection problem or you are having any other type of issue please consider the following information.

While our developers love to help out our clients, they are very busy and it can take some time to get a response from the team. 

Our API is very generic and therefore has many solutions and environments targeting it with many potential issues that may be affecting your connection.

You will find it much quicker to troubleshoot the problem yourself and we have produced this guide to help you do just that.

We provide a lot of information in our API documentation. Please take the time to read it carefully. Start with the fundamentals:

Burst SMS API Fundamentals

Troubleshooting common API connection problems.

To troubleshoot your connection you should be prepared to use Google. By Googling error codes or common terms like "HTTP API connection" you should be able to find information on websites like Stack Overflow to help you.

Stack Overflow

Consider checking your network topology, look at firewalls, load balancers and other network areas that maybe causing your server to not be able to connect.

Most HTTP connection errors are caused by basic issues like incorrectly used auth or incorrectly formatted URLS.

You should be familiar with the HTTP protocol eg.

Here are some suggested articles for you to try:

How To Use Traceroute and MTR to Diagnose Network Issues

10 tips for troubleshooting DNS problems

Diagnose and fix network problems yourself

Troubleshooting proxy firewall connections

Diagnosing DNS resolution problems

8 Linux Nslookup Commands to Troubleshoot DNS (Domain Name Server)

If you are well versed in HTTP API connection and are still having issues.

There have been some common problems associated with PHP and Java recently that have caused some issues. Make sure you review our API Support library for known issues. eg.

Java SSL Connection Issues



If you are an expert in diagnosing HTTP API connection problems, have scoured your code for that extra & symbol that shouldn't be there or have any kind of problem that cannot be easily diagnosed. We can assist but you must provide ALL of the following information

API method being used?
i.e. send-sms

Language being used?
i.e. php, .Net

Are you using the relevant Burst SMS library?

If you are using .NET have you tried the example app with your own API details and did it work?

What are you trying to achieve with the API?
i.e. I'm trying to send an sms message to 12 recipients

What error are you getting from the API? Textual description given by the Burst SMS
i.e. ‘Not Authorised’

NB: WE MUST HAVE A HTTP REQUEST/RESPONSE CAPTURE (Without this we cannot help you)

If using one of the libraries please provide a capture of the HTTP Requests and Responses sent and received by the API. We recommend this tool for capturing the API calls:

Please provide the output of attempting the relevant API command call with curl, as provided on the API methods documentation page.

If possible/comfortable, please provide a copy of or access to the relevant source code for your project.