This integration allows your customers to text your employee's name to a Burst SMS virtual mobile number to receive sales leads by email and SMS. Your employees can engage with a lead immediately with a simple email response.

Step 1 - Register for a Burst SMS Account

To register, go to:

Step 2 - Add Credit to Activate Your Account

Click on the 'ADD CREDIT' link located on the top right hand side of your account, as highlighted below.

Enter your credit card information and click on ADD CREDIT button. The system will automatically send an email with your tax invoice.

Step 3 - Add a Dedicated Number

To setup a dedicated virtual mobile number, click on the 'NUMBERS' link in the top menu and then click on the 'ADD NUMBER'.

Choose a number from the drop down list of available numbers. The cost of the virtual mobile number per month will be displayed.

Enable the Credit Card Auto-recharge option by selecting a top up amount and click on ACTIVATE.

Step 4: Set Your Sender ID For Email Responses

Click EMAIL SMS > NEW EMAIL button.

Populate the following fields:

Email: Enter your employee's email address

Message Limit: Set message length limit. By default it is set to 1 SMS

Sender ID: Select your dedicated number

Click on the UPDATE button.

Step 5 - Create a Keyword


Populated the following fields: 

Keyword: enter your employee's first name (Please note: keyword needs to be unique)

Ref: enter a reference note 

Forward to Email: select Yes to enable and enter your email address

Forward to Mobile: select Yes to enable and enter your mobile number

Click on the ACTIVATE button.

You have now completed the setup. Customers can now send a text with the keyword as the first word in the message to your dedicated number and the employee will receive their text to their email and mobile phone.  The employee can then respond to the customer from their email account.