Get a list of recipients from a message send. Get up to date information such as opt-out status and delivery status.




message_idMessage ID's are made up of digits YES

Whether to include optouts. Valid options are:

only - only get optouts

omit - do not get optouts

include - get all recipients including optouts (default)

 pagePage number, for pagination NO
 maxMaximum results returned per page NO

Only show messages with requested delivery status. Valid options are:

delivered - only show delivered messages

failed - only show failed messages

pending - only show pending messages


Example: Get all message recipients

curl \
  -u 2e24c1cbdd987221e165d543f34b84bf:secret \
  -d message_id=48782

Example: Get all recipients who've opted out

curl \
  -u 2e24c1cbdd987221e165d543f34b84bf:secret \
  -d message_id=48782 \
  -d optouts=only

JSON Response

  page: {
    count: 1,
    number: 1
  total: 2,
  message: {
    message_id: 565645,
    send_at: "2013-06-01 12:34:00",
    recipients: 2,
    list: {
      id: 123,
      name: "BFFs"
  recipients: [
      first_name: "Charles",
      last_name: "Gordon",
      msisdn: "61491570156",
      optout: false,
      delivery_status: "delivered"
      first_name: "Alex",
      last_name: "Fergle",
      msisdn: "61491570157",
      optout: true,
      delivery_status: "soft-bounce"

XML Response

    <send_at>2013-06-01 12:34:00</send_at>
    <msisdn> 61491570156 </msisdn>


Delivery Status


deliveredMessage delivered to handset
pendingNo confirmation yet
soft-bounceHandset out of range or switched off
hard-bounceNumber disconnected

PHP Example

 include '../../APIClient2.php';

 $api = new transmitsmsAPI('API_KEY', 'API_SECRET');
 $offset = 0;
 $limit = 10;
 $result = $api->getSmsSent(49606, $offset, $limit);

 if ($result->error->code == 'SUCCESS') {
   echo "Message sent to {$result->total} recipients, showing page {$result->page->number}
     of {$result->page->count} <hr>";

   foreach ($result->recipients as $recipient) {
     echo "{$recipient->first_name} {$recipient->last_name} - {$recipient->delivery_status} <br>";

 } else {
    echo "Error: {$result->error->description}";