The quality of routing and delivery of text messages is now pretty much equal. All carriers are connected reliably to all service providers and there are essentially no difference in the wholesale carrier cost to deliver a text message.

What are you paying for?

Your 'Enterprise' SMS provider generally sells in on the "Premium Routes" argument. They would like you to think that you are paying for higher quality messaging that is not routed via Central America and other stories like this.

The fact is that directly routed messages are now available to any service provider at pretty much the same wholesale price.

If you aren't getting some other kind of benefit along with reliable text messaging then you are probably paying a massive premium for nothing.

The quality argument

Quality has now shifted from message routing to the software layer. High quality SMS providers have better software to manage contacts, message archiving, reply management, reporting, personalisation and a myriad of other features. It is now the stability of these software platfoms that is the point of failure and the differentiator of services.

  • Higher Performance Software

  • Redundant Systems

  • Better Security

  • Scalability

  • Encryption

  • Multi-language Encoding

  • Multi-user Systems

  • Message Management and Reporting

Good software platforms will maintain a 99%+ uptime guarantee and continue to innovate with new features regularly and listening to their customers and integrating feedback quickly.

Other perks of doing high volume business

Quality messaging alone is not a good enough reason to be charged premium prices. If you are sending high volume you should be getting value added services for free.

  • Campaign/Account Management

  • Technical support

  • Strategic and creative advice

  • Custom technical solutions and integrations

  • Guarantees and SLA's

Why pay someone to do what you can do yourself?

In today's world service businesses survive on making simple tasks seem very complicated.

Setting up text messaging campaigns and systems is not rocket science, so why are you paying though the nose? With Burst SMS our intelligent software does all the heavy lifting.

We give you the tools to do it yourself and save $1000's in overpriced SMS and service fees.

Contact an SMS expert now

At Burst SMS our software has been so well designed and is so easy to use that we don't need a huge technical support team to teach people to use it. If you have a problem, just call in and our highly experienced SMS professionals will be happy to assist you, particularly:

  • Develop mobile marketing strategies and assist with response mechanics.

  • Integrate your systems with our APIs.

  • Objectively look at your requirement and customise a solution. We will even suggest other services if ours is not right for you.