At Burst SMS, it's the small things that make a big difference. It's our mission to develop products that you want and can benefit your business.

1. Visual Delivery Reporting

The nature of SMS reporting is complex. Unlike other online SMS services in the market, we offer more than just carrier acknowledgements. We offer reports that include delivery confirmations, bounces, responses, link hits and more.

2. Intelligent Contact Management

When importing thousands of numbers into a list, you won't want to spend hours formatting all your contacts correctly beforehand, so we made it easy for you. 

Our platform automatically adds country codes for over 35 countries to all the mobile numbers you upload, letting you jump straight into the fun part — sending SMS campaigns.

We also automatically scan and filter your list for duplicates, opt-outs, and non-mobile numbers. At the end of each import, you will get a full report of successful and unsuccessful imports and why.

Your customers' contact information can change at any time, so our platform makes sure to provide you with hard bounce reporting—so you can easily remove or update them.

Learn more about our file import system

3. Quick SMS Application

Many businesses love our Quick SMS application. As it sounds, it lets you send SMS messages to a small number of contacts quickly. 

Easily install it directly to your web browser by adding it to your bookmark toolbar, making it a one-click launch without needing to log in.

Learn more about our Quick SMS app

4. Intuitive Dashboard

Over the last several years, we developed an interface with our clients' feedback in mind to provide a fast and intuitive way to view your SMS messaging activities.

Learn more about our dashboard

5. Flexible list-based automation

Your lists on our platform can activate an auto-responder from many different ways. Whether it's from a web form, API call, or an SMS keyword, use it to benefit your business. You also have the option to forward to email, delay responses, post to a URL, and much more.

Learn more about flexible list-based automation