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What can you do with the API?

  • Create and view contact lists
  • Create, send and view messages
  • Create recipients and add to contact lists
  • View system transactions
    Resellers: Create and view reseller clients

We are constantly expanding our API to mirror our website functionality. If you have a request for a method not currently listed please contact us with an API Method Request with details on the method.

All requests and responses are in XML format and assume a working knowledge of XML

Who is the API for?

The API is designed to allow third party developers to access to our system from an external source. It can be accessed from most programming languages and as long as you are proficient in your language you should have no trouble connecting to our API and running calls. Some languages have already had all the hard work done for you so be sure to check to see if your language is listed in the method examples.


To keep your account secure we have a simple authentication system that is required by every method call. There are two elements, key and secret that need to be populated to authenticate your account.


XML based requests - supported by all methods

All XML requests should be made to http://burst.transmitsms.com/api  and can be done so by HTTP Post or HTTP Upload

  • HTTP Post

    <form action="http://burst.transmitsms.com/api" method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="request" value="YOUR_XML_HERE" />

    Important! Please don't post XML contents directly to API URL. Always wrap it in 'request' variable.

  • HTTP Upload (e.g. file uploads)

Please refer to method examples for more information on the XML request.

GET / URL based requests

Most of the methods available can be made via a simple URL call. The base format for the call is


Please refer to method example listed under GET for more information on how to form these requests.


All responses will be returned in XML format. Please refer to the method example responses for more information.

Download the PHP API Client