We continually get clients that want to use their business name as the sender ID when sending messages. The reason for this is that they feel it is better to be identified as coming from the business name rather than from some random phone number.

While this may be true, the open rate of SMS is near 100% and with most modern phones these days the first few lines of the message are displayed along with the number and incoming message alert.

Below you can see a message delivered on an iPhone. You can see that the number is displayed but also the identifying business name on the first line and the juice of the promotion as well.

The benefit of using a Response Number over a Custom Sender ID is that recipients can easily respond to your campaign and easily opt-out with a reply.



If you have your heart set on a Custom Sender ID it is possible to create a spam compliant campaign using a dedicated response number and our Global Opt Out (GOO) List.

Dedicated numbers cost $25 per month and come with unlimited keywords. Also when a recipient texts STOP to a dedicated number they are automatically added to the Global Opt Out list for that account. 


As you can see above the sender ID is now the name of the business and we can see more of the promo, however the drawback here is you cannot get replies, if you want people to reply or opt-out they must text in to the number. This also makes your message a bit longer.

Whatever you do, if you are sending a marketing message it is imperative that you include the opt-out instruction, if replies are not important then the Custom Sender ID method is OK.

To set up custom Sender ID

1. Purchase a dedicated number
2. Select "Define a new Sender ID" in your SEND SMS setup screen. Sender ID (cannot be replied to) can have a maximum of 11 characters. Only letters, numbers, underscore, hyphen, space allowed and included in total character count.
3. Add the message Opt-out text STOP to 04XXXXXXXX (your dedicated number) to the bottom of your message as shown in example above.

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