Burst SMS is a white label product. You can rebrand our web SaaS service as your own and it only takes a few minutes.

When you sign up a Burst SMS account on the sign up screen, this is where you will be asked for your Reseller Sub Domain. This is the website address where you login. Here you usually enter your own website address name. For example, if your web address is companyname.com you would enter companyname.transmitsms.com

On completion of account sign up, you will be at the Burst SMS activity screen, at the top you will see a link called SETTINGS. Click here and you will see a section called White Labeling. 

When you select Yes from the drop down, you will be shown all the settings that you need to white label your account.

You can edit your contact us page to display information other than the contact form. You can upload your logo which should be a minimum of 370 pixels in width and choose a corporate colour for your interface.

This is all you need to do. We do get enquiries from time to time asking for further customisation. However, we always deny these requests as whenever we make improvements to Burst SMS, inevitably customised interfaces will always have a problem.

The Burst SMS terms and conditions are also re-branded with your company name and we have a generic FAQ and downloadable manual in the help section.

Your clients login portal looks like this:

You can see here there is also a sign up link below the login box. You can elect to have public sign ups if you wish as well. The pricing rules around publicly signed up accounts are set just below your white label settings. This is called Default Account Pricing which is activated when you add a client manually or a client signs up publicly.