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This method is a reseller only method and will not work with a standard account

This method is used to return information on a specific client.


  • id - integer - the client system id - can be retrieved using the 'clients.get' method



XML Request Example

<?xml version='1.0'?>











XML Response Example

<?xml version='1.0'?>




	<time>2010-01-27 03:48:41 GMT</time>

	<timestamp>1264564121 GMT</timestamp>



		<name>Client Name</name>

		<name_company>Client Company Name</name_company>

















PHP Example


// change api key and secret to your own

$myAPIKey = "API_KEY";

$myAPISecret = "API_SECRET";

// include base class


// create new client object

$transmitsmsAPI = new transmitsmsAPI($myAPIKey, $myAPISecret);

// set parameters

$client_id = 1;

// execute request

$methodResponse = $transmitsmsAPI->getClientByID($client_id);

// parse response into xml object

$xml = @simplexml_load_string($methodResponse);

echo "Client " . (string) $xml->data->name . " has spent " . (string) $xml->data->total_spend . " and has generated " . (string) $xml->data->total_reseller_revenue;


GET Example

Using a URL based request system you can request this method by using the below URL - be sure to url encode all your variables!