This method adds multiple recipients to a contact list. Please read the 'contact-lists.add-recipient' documentation as this is a convenience method to replicate adding single recipients in a batch. Possible results include:

ADDED - recipient was added succesfully.
DUPLCIATE / UPDATED - recipient already existed and the recipients data was updated.
OPTOUT - recipient existed on list and has unsubscribed at some point so cannot be added / updated.
DUPLICATE_DELETED - recipient already existed but has been deleted at some point.


  • list_id - list identifier required in one of the two following formats:

    • integer - the list id as a numeric value, this can be found by requesting 'contact-lists.get' and using corresponding id values from the dataset

    • string - the list name EXACTLY as it is in the 'contact-lists.get' response.

  • recipients - array of recipients to add, each with the following:

    • mobile - string - recipients mobile number, required in one of the two following formats:

      • as a local number (you will need to pass a valid iso2 code in the mobileCountry parameter)

      • as an internationally formatted number (e.g. international code + mobile)

    • mobileCountry - string - iso2 code identifying the recipients country (e.g. AU) - only required when a local number is passed in the mobile field.

    • firstname - string - recipients firstname

    • lastname - string - recipients lastname

    • custom1 - string

    • custom2 - string

    • custom3 - string

    • custom4 - string

    • custom5 - string

    • custom6 - string

    • custom7 - string

    • custom8 - string

    • custom9 - string

    • custom10 - string



XML Request Example

<?xml version='1.0'?>

<mobile_dest_country />

XML Response Example

<?xml version='1.0'?>

<time>2009-12-21 23:08:21 GMT</time>
<timestamp>1261436901 GMT</timestamp>
<result>DUPLCIATE / UPDATED</result>

PHP Example

Download the PHP API Client


// change api key and secret to your own
$myAPIKey = "API_KEY";
$myAPISecret = "API_SECRET";

// include base class

// create new client object
$transmitsmsAPI = new transmitsmsAPI($myAPIKey, $myAPISecret);

// set parameters
$list_id = 1076;
$recipients = array(
array("mobile" => '6141xxxxxxx', 'mobile_dest_country' => '', 'firstname' => 'Jane', 'lastname' => 'Doe', 'custom1' => 'whatever'),
array("mobile" => '041xxxxxxx', 'mobile_dest_country' => 'AU', 'firstname' => 'John', 'lastname' => 'Doe'),

// execute request
$methodResponse = $transmitsmsAPI->addContactListRecipientsMulti($list_id, $recipients);

// parse response into xml object
$xml = @simplexml_load_string($methodResponse);

echo 'The list now has ' . $xml->total . ' recipients<hr />';
foreach ($xml->data->results->recipient as $recipient) {
echo (string) $recipient->mobile . ' was ' . (string) $recipient->result . '<br />';


GET Example

These method does not support URL based requests.