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This method is used to get your balance (in currency or credits).


This method doesn't require any parameters



XML Request Example

<?xml version='1.0'?>










XML Response Example




<time>2013-01-17 12:34:26 GMT</time>

<timestamp>1358426066 GMT</timestamp>






PHP Example


// change api key and secret to your own

$myAPIKey = "API_KEY";

$myAPISecret = "API_SECRET";

// include base class


// create new client object

$transmitsmsAPI = new transmitsmsAPI($myAPIKey, $myAPISecret);

// execute request

$methodResponse = $transmitsmsAPI->getBalance();

// parse response into xml object

$xml = @simplexml_load_string($methodResponse);

echo "Your balance is {$xml->data->balance} {$xml->data->currency}";


GET Example

Using a URL based request system you can request this method by using the below URL - be sure to url encode all your variables!