One of the most popular angles that mobile marketers are taking to spice up their SMS campaigns involves the embedding of video into their messages. 

You can do this using existing online tools freely and easily.

Where host your video

The hardest part of video is creating it, once you have a video you can host it for free on one of the online video sites. YouTube or Vimeo are the best choices as they have extensive CDN's (Content Delivery Networks) and optimise their video's for the widest number of mobile devices available. We are going to use YouTube on iPhone in our examples here.

Linking to your YouTube video

After uploading a YouTube video you can easily grab a direct link from your video manager section and viewing the info and settings section. You can also see other analytics here as well.


This link eg. is quite a short URL and perfect for SMS. When a recipient taps this link in a text message it will go straight to the YouTube mobile page or directly to an installed YouTube app. If you want to use a custom URL, try a shortening service like

We think this is a benefit over MMS video as it doesn't force the user to open the video immediately and by landing on a mobile page first it allows for some kind of measurement. In this case the number of views on the YouTube page.

Mobile video is a great way to add engagement to your SMS campaigns. It gives great brand impact and is not expensive or difficult when using the techniques outlined here